Saturday, April 19, 2014
Aleksandar Zivaljevic
Aleksandar Zivaljevic - Auckland Local Elections Candidate for a Councillor
Waitemata and Gulf Ward
Name: Aleksandar Zivaljevic
Age: 41
Marital Status: Married
Children: 1
Location: Eden Terrace
Highest education: Master of Business Administration – Massey (Doctorate in process)
Experience: 10+ years in leading businesses in New Zealand, 10+ years in business overseas
Current employment: Enterprise Leader - Manukau Institute of Technology, Lecturer - Unitec
Overseas experience: New York, Warsaw, Prague, Belgrade

Dear Aucklander,

It is my honour to be the candidate for the Local Councillor role in the coming Auckland elections. I offer myself as an alternative choice to the other candidates and as someone who will represent all people of Auckland, not just one group or one generation. My motivation to become a candidate comes from my perception that someone like me is needed at this point in time; Auckland Council as it is does not represent diverse population of Auckland City.

My advantage is my extensive experience collected from the different cities I lived in as well as my understanding of business from both, academic and practitioner’s aspects. My New Zealand education portfolio consists of Master of Business Administration, Master of Management (to graduate soon) and a PhD (in process, to be completed in 2015). I have been in business for more than 20 years, 10+ in New Zealand and 10+ overseas.

My current roles are Enterprise Leader at Manukau Institute of Technology and Lecturer and Course Coordinator at Unitec. I also work as a consultant, helping businesses to improve strategy and increase productivity.

Auckland, I am the right candidate if you dare to make a change in your voting pattern. I am not the third generation Aucklander as some of the other candidates, but I made a firm decision to stay in Auckland till the rest of my life and I will give my best that my next generation does the same. I am as motivated (if not more) as other candidates to offer the best of my abilities, so please compare us on a base of our credentials, education and experience, not on a base of names or origin.

Aucklanders, I wish us all the best on upcoming elections and let the best person win!

Aleksandar Zivaljevic, MBA

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